What is attachment parenting

The parenting method of attachment-based parenting has been around since the 1980s and is gaining popularity, perhaps because it is constantly changing. Attachment parenting is all about the positive bond between parent and child. It's about instinctive action, respect, attentive perception and basic trust.

The plot canon consists of the famous 7 baby B\'s:

Birth Bonding
After birth, the child is placed on the mother's chest and allowed to slowly get used to the new environment.

This means need-based breastfeeding.

Carrying the child as often as possible, whether in your arms or in a sling, is recommended in attachment-oriented parenting. It is also nice that this aspect can be carried out by both parents. It is important that a family bond is established.

Sleeping together in the family bed also builds a positive relationship at night, and the sibling bond also benefits from this.

Belief in Babys Cries
Crying is not a provocation, it signals a need that we parents can satisfy.

Beware of Baby Trainers
Sleep training is rejected and replaced by sleep rituals introduced in the family, such as clear bedtime structures, bedtime stories, the sandman, etc. replaced.

Balance and Boundaries
It is important for the entire family to maintain a balance between the needs of the family and your own needs as a mother, father and couple. Because only when we parents are happy can the children be too.

There are many different parenting methods and styles. Every family has to find its own way, you just have to be able to represent it for yourself. So listen to your gut, your heart and less to the many other voices.