A dad\'s thoughts on cosleeping

For me as a dad, that wasn\'t a difficult question. The advantages were quickly clear after the first night in the family bed:

- no getting up when it called from the baby monitor
- less waking phases of the child due to the daddy\'s proximity 😉
- More restful nights, rested days at work
- more relaxed couch evenings with loved ones
- one parent can put all the children to bed --> happy wife happy life!

The advantages of the sunbathing area family bed:

- no more arm cramps from the Olympic side sleeping --> any extendable bed
- Enough space to get up without a circus training
- "I'm thirsty, Daddy" --> reaching for the headboard counter is enough
- I'll climb every mountain ... to lay in your arms for eternity --> not necessary due to individually height-adjustable single beds

My conclusion: a family bed is a good thing for all family members, even for us dads

Gunter von Liegewiese