Be parents, stay a couple?

Everything changes with children, there are many additional tasks to be done and more love to be distributed. It is often not easy to keep the partnership at the usual level next to the little favorite people.

We don't have a classic separation of duties. Everyone does whatever is needed in the household. Washing clothes, ironing, cooking sometimes I do, sometimes Nora. I took parental leave 3 days a week for six months with both children. On the one hand, it was a nice time for each of us, but on the other hand it was also important to ensure the best possible compatibility with the job for both of us.
Of course we sometimes have arguments, but we keep them short and sweet, everyone has their own opinion and whether there is no consensus or not, in the end there is a reconciliation. In disputes, we believe it is important to say the things that are perceived as disturbing. This quickly creates a release of pent-up frustration and is therefore better for harmony than gorging on something. Disputes can also be fought out in front of the children, it is important to us that they also get to know that mum and dad sometimes have different opinions and still get along quickly.

Of course, it is also important to have a couple time together. Once a week there is an evening in which we dedicate ourselves to just the two of us, sometimes with ordered sushi and candlelight, sometimes simply on the couch in front of the TV. In addition, we spend a couple\'s weekend about twice a year, which is usually enough to recharge our batteries and to concentrate fully on the qualities of our partner that we have come to love.

Gunter von Liegewiese

Every couple finds their own way between everyday family life and work.

🌸 Being parents - staying a couple 🌸

Do you sometimes have the feeling of being lost as a couple in everyday life?
How do you take a little break?
How do you keep your relationship fresh?