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Family bed love by Liegewiese!

Liegewiese, the brand for family beds and family furniture, is an affair of the heart for us. Each product brings together our experience as responsible parents and our love of carpentry.

Nothing is more common for parents to complain after the birth of a baby than lack of sleep. A modular family bed can be the solution in many cases as the children grow up. With our first son, we saw just how easy it was to manage his sleep problems when he shared the bed with us. As a baby, he was allowed to sleep well protected in our double bed, even if it was sometimes uncomfortable for us: Our family is happier with co-bedding. With the birth of our second son, however, it became too narrow and uncomfortable in the double bed. The idea for a modular family bed with sufficient space and needs-oriented accessories was born and the Liegewiese brand was developed.


Founder Nora-Eilin Reinicke and her husband Gunter


To you. To me. For us.

Our philosophy is to design modular and flexible functional beds and furniture and thus to create sleeping worlds for the whole family. It is a matter of course for us to use PEFC-certified material as well as suitable raw materials for children\'s rooms and bedrooms. We want to give parents more sleeping comfort so that they wake up refreshed in the morning. We wish the children a quiet night, without fears, surrounded by security and the love of their families. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this with the Liegewiese family beds.


Liegewiese – as individual as your family!

With Liegewiese we share our family happiness with your family. Co-sleeping in a comfortable family bed gives your child a feeling of security and security right from the start. Can there be a better start in life than a happy family sticking together day and night?


High quality family beds made in Germany - there is a lot of love in it!

The Liegewiese family beds and family furniture are manufactured in a renowned joinery in the Bauhaus city of Dessau, Germany. With a Liegewiese family bed and family furniture you are not buying cheap mass-produced goods. You buy a piece of furniture that is largely made by hand by experienced carpenters. The high quality is already evident in the uncomplicated assembly of the furniture. Day and night, the family bed will protect you like a cozy cave. It doesn't wobble, it doesn't squeak. In short, a Liegewiese family bed is a "place" to feel good.


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