Advantages of our family beds


The family beds from Liegewiese have many advantages, which should make everyday life easier for families. The family furniture was designed according to the principle "form follows function". It is important to us to sell everyday family furniture that is not only modern and good looking, but above all functional.

What is special about Liegewiese family bed?

The intelligent technical solutions from Liegewiese are unique in their combination. The Liegewiese family beds are modular and flexible. Each bed is individually height-adjustable, resulting in a consistent and even lying surface. Using a simple system, the family bed can be easily adapted to current needs. With the expansion set, the Liegewiese XXL bed can grow as you like. It creates the optimal sleeping place for the baby, for the toddler, for child/children and for parents. If the family members long for their own place to sleep, the large bed can be converted into double beds and single beds with the help of the conversion set.

The Liegewiese family beds are functional and storage beds at the same time, so side bed boxes can be added. Shelves, shelves and compartments offer plenty of storage space in everyday life. Despite the bed size with plenty of space to sleep, we offer you a lot of comfort in everyday life thanks to the shelves and compartments on the headboard.

There are special mattresses for babies and toddlers that prevent them from sinking in. These mattresses are lower than adult mattresses. Nevertheless, there is no mattress crack in our beds. With a sunbathing area, each family member can enjoy their personal comfort and sleep on their individual mattress.

Thanks to the fall-out protection, your child can sleep safely in the large bed. The fall-out guard and all other purchased parts match the look of the bed design. Our furniture is made of coated chipboard and multiplex, so changing the decor according to your ideas can be easily implemented for an additional charge.

All product highlights at a glance below in the Liegewiese Feature BAR: