How to convince your partner of a family bed?

All the advantages that speak for a family bed mean that the parents get more sleep and comfort, are more rested and relaxed - also in the partnership! And that should be important to our men, right?!

Nature has arranged for children to wake up several times during the night to "check" that they are not alone. This is a protective mechanism that used to ensure their survival. When a child sleeping alone is vocalizing, it is because it is Afraid of the dark, being alone, or being hungry.

Of course, lying in a bed and being able to feed and soothe your baby is also comfortable. Studies show that both mothers and fathers can go back to sleep quickly if they take care of the child in the family bed without having to get up. In other words, the man won\'t even notice that the offspring and the woman are awake for a moment.

Even in the morning, when the little sunshine wakes up and wants to start the day, it will call. Then you wake up faster than you would like. But if the child wakes up between its parents, it does not need to call out.


The bond between father and child becomes closer in the family bed.


Another advantage, the lawn can be built back. A double bed and a children\'s bed can then be created from the family bed. Investing in a sunbathing area is not "thrown out".

The man doesn\'t have to be afraid of having to sleep in a bed with a teenager at some point. The kids don\'t want that either!

Some men fear they won\'t have room for togetherness because the bed is now occupied. We will go into more detail on this topic in the next article. So much in advance: well rested, happy women perceive their husbands more intensively and you have enough rooms, right? 😉

So just enjoy the time with the small, cuddly bundle. Because time flies so fast and then the kiss on the cheek in front of school becomes embarrassing 😋


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