Bedtime rituals

🌜 Does your baby have trouble sleeping? 🌛 We share a few tips that we hope will help you rock your baby to sleep quickly and stress-free.

Many babies need fixed rituals and always consistent times when they are put in bed to sleep. This gives the little ones security and security. The fact that the little ones know what will happen next shows them that they can rely on their parents. This reduces stress.

The voice of familiar people is not only soothing for small children, babies can also be read to. They may not understand it yet, but your voice calms them down. You are also welcome to strike up quiet and slow songs. The evening ritual can be wonderfully rounded off with the same lullaby every day.

Cuddling also helps the little ones to fall asleep carefree. And what is easier and nicer than cuddling with your sweetheart?
Your toddler will also be reassured if he could say "Good night" to his cuddly toys. "Good night little rabbit" and this way he can also fall asleep calmly.

A warm bath before going to bed can also be helpful because it also has a relaxing effect on the little one.
If you want to do something good for your baby, you can also get a small foot massage. But beware! Don\'t tickle 🤗

Distractions should be avoided, as well as bright lights, stress and noise.

We hope that one or the other tip will help your little darling to sleep well tonight. Because when the baby sleeps well, the parents sleep more relaxed too. Good night! 💫

How do your children fall asleep? What does your bedtime ritual look like?

Your Nancy von Liegewiese

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