2000 hours of sleep support - sacrifice or investment?

I am lying between my two children, the older one is already asleep, the little one is gradually digging into sleep through the pillows and blankets. Today I am annoyed and stressed. I mentally go through my to-dos for the evening, because I often start with household chores or small projects when the children are asleep. I lie there, wait, get nervous, try not to forget any of my thoughts, hope that he will go to sleep soon, get angry: "why is it always me?" I ask myself. Suddenly a small hand slides under my cheek, My baby is getting calmer, I sniff his hair. The little curls tickle me. How can you smell so good? I'm annoyed at my nervousness. "Time won't come back, ever!" I tell myself. Eventually, they'll wave into the living room and say a fleeting "good night."

But I don't accompany my boys to sleep out of nostalgia or a bad conscience, but out of conviction.
Having the kids cry themselves to sleep was never an option for us. Accompanying them to sleep together is our sleep ritual from the first day of life and is not only a blessing for the children. You come to rest, feel secure. And if I'm being honest, that's the only time of the day that I can get some rest, too. I work a lot and am happy to give and receive an extra portion of cuddles in the evening. I hope this will strengthen our bond.

As with almost everything in life, it is well known that it makes the right mix. So Gunter and I started taking turns putting the kids to bed. Since then I've been more relaxed and look forward to the evenings in the middle of my two angels, but also to the evenings with time for all my projects.

How many hours of sleep support have you already invested?

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