Sibling bond through a family bed

Anyone who has a sibling can confirm that you have a special and close bond with them. True to the motto "Blood is thicker than water"! Having a sister or a brother is an enrichment. There is always someone there to play with.

💕 Children are society sleepers! 💕

Many enjoy lying in the safe circle of their families, because together you are less alone! They feel protected by their older, braver siblings. When the younger child wakes up and sees his sibling breathing quietly and sleeping, he better go back to sleep himself. It learns from its older siblings how to sleep peacefully and not to turn night into day. The sleep phases are longer and the children cry less.

💕 Family time together makes you strong 💕

There is nothing more important than having a harmonious bond with your family. This is strengthened by sleeping together. When the big sibling reads the bedtime story to the little ones, it makes the big child proud and the small child naturally wants to learn this quickly too.

💕Siblings learn from each other and continue to develop themselves 💕

When one child sleeps in the family bed and one child does not, envy can arise between siblings. At some point, however, there always comes a time when a child wants to sleep alone and it should be allowed to do so.


A sibling bond cannot be assumed, it develops. The bond is created through common good as well as less nice events. Sleeping together automatically teaches children the path of togetherness. It helps children support each other and take care of each other.

From the beautiful memories of jumping around on the bed, to falling asleep peacefully and waking up together in the morning with the parents.


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